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Simple Drummer app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3152 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Kentaro Matsumae
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.40, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 16 Sep 2008
App size: 8.96 Mb

-Very simple drum kit.
-You tap iPhone display, You can play drums!

-You can play drums with playing music with iPod function.
-30 types of sounds. Snares, Kit, some cymbals, tomtoms, cowbel, hand-clap and more.
-Volume control to adjust sound volume of each instruments.
-Free instruments layout. You can change layout of instruments to be easy to play it.
-Free instruments layout style. 2x2, or 3x3.

Pros and cons of Simple Drummer app for iPhone and iPad

Simple Drummer app good for

This is a good app, dont get me me wrong, it looks wayyyy too plain though, and a recording feature would b good!
None of the previous reviewers mentioned playing their iPods music along with this ap. By itself, the small kit sounds lame, but the real fun is finding your favorite tunes to play so the kits sound blends in. More often then not, Im finding many songs that this kit blends into nicely and wow is it fun. Good job on the part of the dev, I know what he was thinking, too bad the other reviewers missed the point and probably deleted it.
The upgrade fixed many issues, including the lack if tomtoms and cymbals. And as far as I know, its free :S
Was waiting for volume balance against background its the best drum app I have by far ...thanks
It is just simply great I love it! I came up with so many beats and it is so fun doing this. TIP: Plug your iPhone into speakers for louder and clear voice it just feels like U R playing a real drum kit!!!
Pretty cool, I just wonder how I got it for free, then the next day it said 99 cents, hmph.. The update made the app x1,000,001 better, I just wonder if the guy who said he deleted it within 5 seconds heard of the update and got it back....

Some bad moments

Basically, the problem is the delay between the actual taps and the resulting sounds. That makes playing a real beat with the app almost impossible. Second point is, the sound of the closed hi-hat should interrupt the sound of the opened. And a crash- and a ride-cymbal would be nice :)
Its only fun for a few seconds, the kick drum doesnt work so well, but you can make short fun beats, it wont last long before you get tired
I deleted this within 5 seconds. WHy? because they dont have any toms or any crash cymbals!!!
Id rather stick 99 cents up my nose. If there was a 0 star, id use it. Theres a delay between your motion and the "drum" sound. Not only that, the sound wont go as fast as your finger.
type in drummer in itunes, and they have an app exactly like this that is FREE!!!
got this when it was free, it was bad. now its even worse if people have to pay for it, take my honest word for it and dont waste your money on this. I suggest "drumkit" if you want a decent drum app.