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Bof on s amuse 5 mn et après ça va

Much room for improvements

Basically, the problem is the delay between the actual taps and the resulting sounds. That makes playing a real beat with the app almost impossible. Second point is, the sound of the closed hi-hat should interrupt the sound of the opened. And a crash- and a ride-cymbal would be nice :)


Too slow for tight drumn base..

not bad

with more option it would be perfect

Could be better

Its only fun for a few seconds, the kick drum doesnt work so well, but you can make short fun beats, it wont last long before you get tired

Ok app

This is a good app, dont get me me wrong, it looks wayyyy too plain though, and a recording feature would b good!


I deleted this within 5 seconds. WHy? because they dont have any toms or any crash cymbals!!!

The Ultimate Finger Drummer Add-On

None of the previous reviewers mentioned playing their iPods music along with this ap. By itself, the small kit sounds lame, but the real fun is finding your favorite tunes to play so the kits sound blends in. More often then not, Im finding many songs that this kit blends into nicely and wow is it fun. Good job on the part of the dev, I know what he was thinking, too bad the other reviewers missed the point and probably deleted it.


how do I use this application?

Dont waist your money.

Id rather stick 99 cents up my nose. If there was a 0 star, id use it. Theres a delay between your motion and the "drum" sound. Not only that, the sound wont go as fast as your finger.


This game was fun for a little bit, kinda got bored, I cant beieve there charing 99 cents when I downed this app it was free... Apple jerks :/ its not worth the $1.12 it comes out to be ..

Much better

The upgrade fixed many issues, including the lack if tomtoms and cymbals. And as far as I know, its free :S

Good update

Was waiting for volume balance against background its the best drum app I have by far ...thanks

Love it!!!

It is just simply great I love it! I came up with so many beats and it is so fun doing this. TIP: Plug your iPhone into speakers for louder and clear voice it just feels like U R playing a real drum kit!!!


Pretty cool, I just wonder how I got it for free, then the next day it said 99 cents, hmph.. The update made the app x1,000,001 better, I just wonder if the guy who said he deleted it within 5 seconds heard of the update and got it back....

Awesome Drum Set

Very Advanced now, great drum set, even sounds good hooked up to an amp :)

Great For Covering Songs

For having this has for some time now I have realized that this app is terrific. Fun for covering over songs and making your own. A must have for any beat freaks.

Great Apps

The best drum app so far. In actual practice, the feature of individual volume control makes the most sense while none of the apps out there has this feature. This gives the best control over situations from playing along with music in a small room ro live performance in arena. It sounds very good when connected to professional PA system. For the small iPod screen, 9-pad layout is probably the best optimum configuration, no more, no less. Some apps have 8, which is not enough to display the full basic pieces, while other with more pads may be too small or crowded to play. I wish the next upgrade would have more choices of sounds especially the bass drums; drums play along gliding fingers; configuration memory to save customized layout; more parameters in sound control like reverbrance. The 2x2 layout is useless though. If it has the choice to play along with music from ipods own music library, it will be king!

Exceeded expectations

Great app, except it needs like 2 more drums or something

I love this but...

This is a great app, i was waiting for a long time to see a drum app for free. This is a lot of fun, i love drumming to the music on my ipod. Although, it could use more sounds, and Sometimes, when i am playing to the music, no matter what sound i turn the music to i cant hear the drums over it at all. Looking forward to updates!

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